Strimmer Safety [INFOGRAPHIC]: 6 points to remember when using a grass strimmer

It’s approaching that time of season where contractors and grounds keepers reach for their strimmers to tackle overgrown areas on public and private land. We’ve previously written on the topic of grass strimmer maintenance – 6 quick checks that you can do now; so this time round we are going to focus on strimmer safety and the points that all users must remember when operating this tool.

Safety is paramount when using a machine like a grass strimmer. As we mentioned in our servicing guide, the tool can be an effective piece of kit when used in the right hands – but can also be dangerous when general safety is ignored. We’ve produced an infographic and written this post showing 6 safety points for you to consider when using a grass strimmer:

Wear The Right Clothing

It’s important to wear suitable clothing for the job in hand – and this applies to grass strimmer users as well. You will want to wear clothing that is thick enough to protect you but not enough to restrict your movement. Strong shoes should be worn to protect against the rotating nylon cord. Gloves will limit the feeling of vibration, safety glasses will protect against flying debris and ear muffs with cut the loud noise. To summarise, here’s a short list of clothing that should be worn, some of which can be purchased from a SARTRA retailer with a Commercial Use Guarantee:

This does not only apply to you but also others who are working along side you. They must also wear protective clothing and should stay a distance of 15 meters between each other.

Use a Harness

Grass strimmers can come in many shapes and sizes – but commercial use machines are typically large and heavy. For this reason, it’s important to use and wear a Strimmer Harness. Not only will this take some of the weight, it will also balance the machine making it easier and more comfortable to use. Adjust the harness so that it fits you properly then attach the strimmer ready for use.

Be in a Good Shape

This doesn’t mean you need to be able to lift weights in the gym – it means that you should be confident that you will be able to fully control your strimmer. You must be physically capable of lifting and manoeuvring your machine by yourself. If you’re feeling unwell it is wise and advised that you wait until you are feeling better before using your grass strimmer. It’s also vital to know your limits, maintain good posture and keep your balance. These will all help in keeping full control of your machine.

Assess The Area

Take a moment to survey the area you are working on and be conscious of passers by and wildlife. Look out for dangers such as low hanging branches, cables or anything that might cause damage to your machine, injuries to yourself or injuries to others. Animals, such as hedgehogs, can be safely taken away by the RSPCA or Animal Protection groups.

Clean Your Strimmer

As covered in our guide – “6 quick checks that you can do now” we spoke about the importance of keeping your grass strimmer clean. This won’t just make sure your machine works as well as it needs to, but also ensures the tool is as safe as it should be. Clean and remove any dried grass left on your machine. Lightly oil metallic surfaces to reduce chances of rust. Keep an eye on your air filter and intake and perform a quick and easy service checklist which can be downloaded here.

Read The Manual

Fully understand the power and capabilities of your grass strimmer by reading the user manual that will come with the machine from the manufacturer. The manual will also cover other in depth safety points not covered here.


Using a grass strimmer seems simple enough but safety measures should also be followed and understood by the person using the tool. Employers should ensure that workers are educated on the dangers and hazards of using a tool like a grass strimmer. By following the points listed above you will make sure that safety is respected and hazards are significantly reduced.

Have we missed any points that you would like to add? Please leave a comment letting us know and we will include your own points to our list.

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